Your employees are your greatest asset and most expensive investment. As a business owner you want to ensure that you are identifying the responsibilities for each job and placing the correct person in the role. Doc Char is a seasoned HR professional that can help you determine when is the right time to hire, how to create and implement employment policies and procedures, and locate and place the ideal person to complement your business and your professional working style. Doc Char can also help you address current employee performance issues.

Every person that you hire should add productivity and synergy to your team. Use Doc Char’s HR knowledge and the Kolbe suite of assessments to ensure that you are selecting the right candidate.

Are you and your employees on the same page? -- The Kolbe C Assessment

The Kolbe C Assessment is a snapshot in time and assesses how a supervisor views a specific job. It is not based on a person but on the responsibilities of the position. The Kolbe C can be used to address personnel challenges, communication issues, and performance problems. It can also be completed prior to hiring to ensure that the person with the ideal MO for that job is placed in the role.

Please call to discuss the use of a Kolbe C assessment.