What is a Kolbe Index?

Unlike personality tests and behavioral assessments, which tell you what's wrong with you and why you should try and change, Kolbe tells you what's right with you and how to make the most of it. This approach leaves the individual feeling validated and positive rather than chastised and demeaned.

The Kolbe Index does this by assessing a person’s conation.

What is “conation?”

Conation is your natural form of mental energy.

The human mind has three main parts: the cognitive, the affective and the conative. Together they drive everything we do. The cognitive part deals with an individual’s intelligence. The affective portion deals with behaviors and desires. There are many instruments that assess the cognitive and affective parts of the mind.

The third part of the mind is called the Conative Mind and unlike the cognitive and affective parts, the Conative Mind deals with actions and instincts. Learn more about the history and theory behind the conative part of the mind.

Kolbe Indexes enable individuals to unleash the power of their own natural instincts to:

• Improve job performance and productivity

• Launch rewarding careers

• Enrich personal relationships

• Become effective parents and better partners

The Kolbe Indexes are backed by 35 years of scientific research and validation and can be completed online in less than 20 minutes. You are asked to respond based on “if I had the freedom to be myself. . .” There are no "right" or "wrong" answers to the multiple choice questions in a Kolbe Index.

Meeting with a Kolbe Certified Consultant after you take a Kolbe Index allows you to ask questions, learn more about conative energy, and learn how to use this newfound knowledge to your advantage. To find out more about the Kolbe Index, email info@docchar.com