Everyone is perfect just the way they are!

 Take the Kolbe A Index to find out what’s right about YOU!

The Kolbe A Index is the foundational instrument used in Kolbe assessments. It is designed to measure “conation” -- the actions you take that result from your natural instincts. This instrument will validate your innate talents and provide you with a 4-digit M.O. – your instinctive method of operation that enables you to be productive.

The Kolbe A assessment is for you if you would like to:

• Improve productivity and reduce frustration

• Enrich relationships, both professional and personal

• Become a more effective parent or partner

• Find a fulfilling job and launch a rewarding career

The benefits of completing a Kolbe A

• Maximize your efforts and energy

• Improve communication and leadership talent

• Improve rejuvenation skills

• Achieve better results at work, at home and in life

Step One – the Kolbe A Assessment

This step provides you with the perfect introduction to Kolbe. You will receive a link to take a 36-question, strength-based assessment. Upon completion, Doc Char will analyze your results and develop your personalized 12-page printed report. She will call you and schedule a 90-minute face-to-face consultation where you will learn the science behind Kolbe, the significance of your result and how best to use this information. You will leave this meeting with a greater understanding of your own instincts, how to better manage your efforts, and how to maximize your potential both personally and professionally.

Kolbe A Index and 90 minute post assessment consultation - $175

The Next Step – the Kolbe B Assessment

The Kolbe B Assessment - How do you see your role? How do you define your job?

Are you experiencing fatigue and frustration in your job? The Kolbe B Assessment will help you identify the source of these feelings? The Kolbe B Index measures a person’s perception of individual job responsibilities. The value of comparing a person’s Kolbe A to a Kolbe B is that this comparison helps job holders recognize when they are trying to perform contrary to their natural strengths and abilities.

Upon completion of your Kolbe B, Doc Char will analyze your results, compare your Kolbe B and Kolbe A and prepare your 8-page customized report. You with then receive a 30-minute face-to-face consultation where you will discuss the significance of your results and develop an action plan to ensure your success.

Kolbe B Index and 30 minute post assessment consultation - $75

Follow your instincts to a better job using the Kolbe Career MO+ Assessment

Learn how you work best - and the best work for you. The Career MO+ is supplemental report to the Kolbe A Index. It offers guidance on how to make the most of your natural talents in a current job, accentuate your strengths in job interviews, and build on your natural talents to advance your career. Most importantly the Career MO+ provides lists of jobs where you would likely be the most successful.

Kolbe Career MO+ and 30 minute post assessment consultation - $75

Improve your financial situation using your instinctual gifts

The FMO+ identifies ways you can use your instincts to make smarter decisions about money and personal finance. This report is based on your Kolbe A Index result and offers personalized paths to financial success. The FMO+ is not a get-rich-quick program that assures money will pour in. It is a tried-and-true method of making your instincts work for you in money matters. Use this assessment to understand how your MO affects your financial decision making.

Kolbe FMO+ and 30 minute post assessment consultation - $75