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For many years I’ve been jumping from job to job trying to find the right fit. The same with education; I always thought that the right degree or the right certificate would help me find my place. Had I found the Kolbe Index earlier in my life, I suspect that my employment history would not be so erratic and I’m pretty sure my student loans wouldn’t be so high.

Now that I have found the Kolbe – I want to help you save time and money by identifying right now what is right with you and learn how to celebrate it.


I was born and raised in New Mexico. I obtained my Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice from the University of New Mexico. This degree allowed me to spend 8 years “in prison.” I was very unhappy working at the New Mexico State Penitentiary but I was not able to find other employment. I completed hundreds of applications and went on many interviews with no luck. After several years of searching for
another job, I figured that I needed a degree with “some numbers” in it because my BA didn’t seem to be getting me what I wanted.

In 1998, I enrolled at the University of Phoenix in the MBA Program. I was very lucky to meet someone that hired me only one month into the MBA program. I am forever indebted to this great person for “getting me out of prison.” I learned so much from working in this small internet development company. Because it was a small business with very few employees, I was afforded the opportunity to take on many roles and develop new skills. Unfortunately we struggled financially. After I was asked how much of my paycheck I needed that week, I knew that this position could not be long-term. I found a position at the University of New Mexico. Working at UNM was great for me for 2 reasons: In such a big organization, I could move around to different jobs without starting from square one with a new employer. The second reason was the tuition benefits. I started working on my Ph.D., simply because I couldn’t NOT use this free money. My application letter to the program discussed, “Why does work have to suck?”

My first course in Adult Learning Theory ignited such fire in me. Why isn’t everyone required to take this class? I eagerly took more classes in this area and focused on organizational learning and organizational creativity. I continued to seek the answer to my question, “Why does work have to suck?” While working full time and teaching part time, I completed by Ph.D. in 5 years. I still did not find a solution to my dilemma with the work environment. I continued to hop from job to job constantly trying to find the right place to put my talents to work. I was unsuccessful. I was even released from a job because I wasn’t “a good fit.”

Finally I realized that if I felt this way, surely I wasn’t the only one! This realization told me that there was a niche for my hard-won wisdom about work, the people, and the environments.

Let me share my wisdom with you. I promise that I will tell you how perfect you are and why you should be proud of that very fact!


"When writing my thesis, Dr. Hendrix got down to the root causes of my procrastination and developed a customized set of manageable deadlines. She further helped me get to know what methods of studying worked best for my learning style. Without her I would not have completed my thesis!"

Abigail Eras, ASU Class of 2012

"As the President of a training & development company and board member of an internationally known organization, I found the Kolbe assessment delivered exactly what it promised! Within my roles I now work smarter, produce more, work to my natural strengths, and optimize the strength of my team and board members. It was a refreshing message to hear that I was perfect the way I am! I now pass that onto my coworkers. It has not only changed my approach to work but I’m less stressed and frustrated as a result. I now have tools I am able to embrace and apply not only at work but throughout my entire life. I highly recommend the Kolbe for any person or team who is looking to enhance their performance and work to their strengths."

Sofiah Ngoran, President of Sofiah Ngoran + Company

The Kolbe was an extremely useful tool in determining my strengths and areas of need for myself in my business. Being able to use the Kolbe A to A when hiring staff was tremendously helpful in order to find someone whose strengths complemented my areas of need. Dr. Hendrix is wonderful to work with and is very knowledgeable on the Kolbe. Her passion for helping people understand themselves better is evident, and she was a pleasure to work with throughout the assessment.”

Jessica Woods, Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual Financial Network

". . .The Kolbe Index that Dr. Hendrix mentions in her book [Low-Cost to No-Cost Labor] has provided me great insight by offering a true picture of how my energy and time are best I really function best in my work and in working with others!. . ."

Julie Costanzo, Learning & Talent Management System Analyst, Northrop Grumman Corporation

"Dr. Charlotte Hendrix sat down with me to review the Kolbe Index results and told me, “You’re perfect.” I was so excited, “I’m perfect.” My husband also took the Kolbe Index and she told him, he was “perfect” too? Say what? Okay, there are no right/wrong or good/bad results. It is individually about me and my traits to gain a better understanding of my approach and identify ways for me to be the most productive.

I completed the Kolbe A Index to learn more about myself and why I do things the way I do. Dr. Hendrix explained that we all have a natural M.O. (modus operandi), but through the years we have adapted and learned to mask our natural instincts and strengths. Kolbe validated how I like to take action or rather, the instinctive approach for how I get things done. It is not the way I think I should do things or even how someone tells me to do things. The Kolbe Index is about the natural mode of how I handle information, the primary ways I tackle challenges, and my own approach to solving problems.

Dr. Hendrix reviewed my results with me and it explained so much about how I operate at home and at work. She also facilitated a Kolbe A to A Index on my husband and me. We learned how we approach information and how that challenges us a couple. We are very different in some ways and complimentary in other ways.

Dr. Hendrix walked us through the process of understanding ourselves and each other’s strengths. She shared insight as to our gifts and how to foster these strengths in the workplace, on teams, and in our own family. Dr. Hendrix helped us to validate and better understand our strengths so we can focus on what we are good at, instead of focusing on areas that are naturally not our M.O. We are looking forward to having Dr. Hendrix give our children the Kolbe Youth Index so we can better understand the underlying pattern of our children’s actions and how to nurture their strengths."

Valerie Webb, MA Organizational Development and Change Manager

"Dr. Char enlightened me with an amazing Kolbe assessment. Professionally, as a technical recruiter searching for the right set of technical competencies needed on a hiring manager's team, I envision the Kolbe assessment as an invaluable resource; a resource that could revolutionize great staffing decisions and high performing teams. Personally, I have even a better understanding of why I operate at my best in certain situations and get fatigued by others."

Mike Kline, Principal Recruiter Sandia National Laboratories